WARM UP FOR 5MINS – Imaginary skipping 1min – March in 1place (swing arms like clap front and back motion) – Butt kicks 1min (raise ur leg to hit the back of ur butt) – High knee raise (slow) 1min – Hands in the air, touch shoulder and then knees 1min   WORKOUT Jumprope 100skips … Continue reading

August 2013 Challenge DAY3

  August Challenge Day3 Today we would be spending about 40mins today in today’s workout 5mins warm up 25mins jogging or brisk walking 10mins Tummy Workout (do any 4 in this illustration below at least 25reps each) 5mins Stretch –  DIET ROUTINE 30mins Before morning workout: Each 1banana and drink a cup of water 30mins … Continue reading

August 2013 Challenge DAY1

EXERCISE ROUTINE August Day1 Exercise: Warm Up 3mins (do 30sec of each exercise in the illustration below) Main Workout: Cardio: 10mins Jump Rope(SKIPPING): 100x (25reps 4sets) Done within 5mins Jumping Jacks: 100x (25reps 4sets) Done within 5mins Tummy: 5mins Crunches: 45x (15reps 3sets) Russian Twist: 45x (15reps 3sets) Squat: 30x (10reps 3sets) Stretch: 2mins DIET ROUTINE 1. 30mins … Continue reading

The Right Food To Eat To Achieve A Flat Belly

Your diet plays a huge role in losing the belly fat. You will not get a flat belly without a healthy diet even if you work harder and harder. So prepare a list of healthy food and try to follow that diet as possible as you can. You have to eat a lot of protein … Continue reading

Benefits of aerobics for flat belly

Aerobics or cardio exercises offer tremendous health benefits to the human body. They affect the metabolism rate of the body and increase its rate which reduces fat stored in the body. Not only you get a reduce weight and flat Abs but several other health benefits are attained by following regular sessions of aerobics. Whether … Continue reading

Boosting tips for getting a flat belly

Boosting tips for getting a flat belly Boosting tips for getting a flat belly It can be challenging to get a flat belly more so if you are doing artificial exercises or things that are complex. If you want to easily flatten your belly without engaging in complex exercises, follow the steps below Begin your … Continue reading