Hi ladies, in this workout ensure you speed/be fast when doing them. These are short and intense workout, when you are told to jump, jump really high and land on ur toes to the balls of your feet. Remember form is key this prevents injury and also enable fast fat burn, rest 10 – 30secs … Continue reading

Pre-Workout Snack for Your Morning Exercise

Best Pre-Workout Snacks for Morning Exercise Before you hit the gym for an am workout, power up with one of these 8 high-energy foods. 1/3 cup High fiber cereal (Kellogg’s All Bran, Bran Buds) with 6oz Greek yogurt and ½ cup Mixed Berries Spoon your way to a leaner physique by eating this mix of … Continue reading


WARM UP FOR 5MINS – Imaginary skipping 1min – March in 1place (swing arms like clap front and back motion) – Butt kicks 1min (raise ur leg to hit the back of ur butt) – High knee raise (slow) 1min – Hands in the air, touch shoulder and then knees 1min   WORKOUT Jumprope 100skips … Continue reading

August 2013 Challenge DAY5

Exercise Routine (rest 30 secs after every set) Burpees 15reps 4sets Moutan Climbing 15reps 4sets High Knees Running In Place 30secs Do 5x Skipping 200 Lunges 10reps 3sets TUMMY (after you are done with your tummy workout you would have done about 100 abdominal exercises) – V CRUNCH 10REPS 3SETS – BICYCLE CRUNCH 10REPS 3SETS – … Continue reading