5mins Warrm up. WORKOUT 100 BURPEES CHALLENGE How to get this done   25burpees 10 crunches   25burpees 10 Jack knife crunches   25burpees 10Leg Drop   25burpees 20secs Plank Hold


WARM UP FOR 5MINS – Imaginary skipping 1min – March in 1place (swing arms like clap front and back motion) – Butt kicks 1min (raise ur leg to hit the back of ur butt) – High knee raise (slow) 1min – Hands in the air, touch shoulder and then knees 1min   WORKOUT Jumprope 100skips … Continue reading


Hi ladies ok today is going to be challenging. Instead of counting we would be working on timing our selfs. Then i need you to get a pen and paper and write how many you can go per workout in a minute, for instance when you skip write how many on every minute how man … Continue reading

August 2013 Challenge DAY1

EXERCISE ROUTINE August Day1 Exercise: Warm Up 3mins (do 30sec of each exercise in the illustration below) Main Workout: Cardio: 10mins Jump Rope(SKIPPING): 100x (25reps 4sets) Done within 5mins Jumping Jacks: 100x (25reps 4sets) Done within 5mins Tummy: 5mins Crunches: 45x (15reps 3sets) Russian Twist: 45x (15reps 3sets) Squat: 30x (10reps 3sets) Stretch: 2mins DIET ROUTINE 1. 30mins … Continue reading

How to Dress for the Gym (pics of how to dress)

How to Dress for the Gym You are thinking of going to the gym, you’ve picked out the gym you want to attend, and you have your goals set, and the exercises you intend to do. Yet, you’ve no idea what to wear to keep yourself from getting hurt or being comfortable. First, if you … Continue reading

How to burn fat very fast?

This modern era everyone needs fast results. It is also the same with burning fat from your belly. Every woman has this question. Is it possible to burn belly fat faster? There were many debates about this subject. I would like to say that it is possible, but it would not be very  healthy. Burning … Continue reading

Top 3 exercises to keep your stomach flat

Exercises and healthy activities keep your body flat and fit. You feel fresh and enjoy the life with your daily exercise routine. You probably worried if you have a stomach that is out of its control. Weight loss and getting a flat belly is a common question asked by women. Many men ask this in … Continue reading

Why exercises are necessary to lose weight?

An exercise plays a major role in maintaining a healthy life.  Weight loss is one of the benefits of exercises but it offers tremendous health benefits that can’t be neglected. You stay away from many heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, body pains and various other diseases. Talking about weight loss, exercise not only … Continue reading

7days Fruits and Vegs Diet: Day1 Plan

Hi guys, you are welcome to Anna’s 7Days Fruits and Vegs Diet our goal is to lose about 2kg and 2inches off in 7days and each day we would be having different workout plan, so this is day 1, please do note we would be exercising during these 7days as well because to have maximum results we … Continue reading