October Challenge Day1 (obliques and arms day)

Warm 4mins: High Knees 1min High Leg Raise 1min Jog on spot 1min Alternating Standing toe to toe touch 1min   Exercise: Cardio Jump Rope: 5min (Every min get at least 50skips done and rest for 30 secs do this till you finish the 5mins) Burpees: 5mins (Ensure you do about 15 or 20 reps … Continue reading

Shredded Abs Without Ab Exercises

Some think they need to perform thousands of sit-ups and crunches to get their abs to pop. It’s what bodybuilders do, and they have shredded abs, but so do many weightlifters, sprinters, and gymnasts—and ab training is usually a small part of their workouts, if it’s done at all. If your abs are nonexistent, but your diet is … Continue reading