August 2013 Challenge DAY2

AUGUST DAY2 Exercise: Warm Up 3mins Main Workout: Cardio: 10mins Burpees: 40x (10reps 4sets) Done within 5mins Step Up: 100x (25reps 4sets) Done within 5mins (you can use the first step of your stair case) Tummy: 5mins Plank: 45x (15reps 3sets) Hip Raise: 45x (15reps 3sets) Push Up: 30x (10reps 3sets) Stretch: 2mins     … Continue reading

5 Myths about Weight Loss

Myth 1: Can some people eat whatever they want and still lose weight? In order to lose weight, people need to burn more calories than they actually eat or drink. Some people may seem that they eat everything unhealthy and tasty and still lose weight. However, this is not completely true. Those people just use more energy than … Continue reading

7days Fruits and Vegs Diet: Day1 Plan

Hi guys, you are welcome to Anna’s 7Days Fruits and Vegs Diet our goal is to lose about 2kg and 2inches off in 7days and each day we would be having different workout plan, so this is day 1, please do note we would be exercising during these 7days as well because to have maximum results we … Continue reading