December Focus 25th Day6

          All those gadgets at the gym can help you build a knockout physique, but the smartest piece of gear is right in your mirror. “Using only your body weight to exercise can engage many muscles at once, maximizing your calorie burn and helping you sculpt multiple areas simultaneously,” says Jessica … Continue reading

OCTOBER CHALLENGE DAY10 (extreme 10days day8)

WARM UP: 5MIN CIRCUIT POWER WORKOUT: GROUP1: CARDIO DO THIS 3X DO ALL THESE IN ABOUT 2MINS (no resting in btw) 30jumping jacks 5push ups 20squats 10 burpees     GROUP2 CARDIO DO THIS 3X (no resting in btw) High Knees 30secs Jump Squat 30secs Side to side hops 30secs Front Plank Hold 30secs     GROUP … Continue reading