August 2013 Challenge DAY 16

Hi ladies, below is the workout for tomorrow. It would be rather difficult for me to get all the exercise illustration for this exercise but am sure many of use know the exercises. Please read it all then start the workout. I have also integrated a video illustration guys. If you are having problem in … Continue reading

August 2013 Challenge DAY 15

Hi ladies this might sound simple but trust me you wont be able move your arms the next day. Know A Little About Boxing Boxing is a high-energy form of exercise that can be done in a gym, at a fitness center or at home. It provides a person with a good cardiovascular workout and … Continue reading

August 2013 Challenge DAY 14

Workout Details Jump rope workouts are often vastly underestimated. Just because kids play with them doesn’t make them a frilly little toy – these inexpensive, easy-to-pack pieces of workout equipment are powerhouses when it comes to fat blasting cardio workouts. They’re also incredible for building speed, coordination, and agility. Some of the most talented athletes … Continue reading

August 2013 Challenge DAY 12

Hi guys in these workout we would be doing it twice. Meaning after you have finished it you would do it all over again VIDEO How to do this workout After a 4-minute cardio warm up, your muscles will be warmed and ready to work. That’s when we jump into the HIIT portion of our … Continue reading

August 2013 Challenge DAY 10

Total Workout Time: 30 Minutes Do each workout 1min each 3sets Video to watch full exercises: Equipment: No equipment; dumbbells optional Strategy: Low impact workout that burns a good deal of calories without being overly taxing on the body in terms of impact or jarring of the joints. Total Calories Burned Estimate: 210 – 330 … Continue reading

August 2013 Challenge DAY 8

Hi ladies, Since we went easy on the workout today tomorrow we would be doing HIGH INTENSE INTERVAL TRAINING (HIIT). EXERCISE ROUTINE WARM UP CARDIO ABDOMINAL WORKOUT (TUMMMY) WEIGHT LIFTING STRETCH CARDIO Brisk Walk For 5mins STEP UP (with speed) 30reps 3sets Burpees 15reps 4 Sets Jumping Jacks 200 ABDOMINAL WORKOUT (TUMMMY) hip raise 15reps … Continue reading

August 2013 Challenge DAY7

Hi ladies today is going to be low interval training cos day6 is was really steamy. Toady we would simply do 20mins of light jogging and 100 Abdominal Exercise of you choice Then stretch.

August 2013 Challenge DAY6

CARDIO AND WEIGHT LIFTING Hi Ladies Please Read These Below Before Starting This Workout Lifting Weights to Lose Weight In order to lose weight, it’s important to increase your rate of metabolism. Lifting weights increases your body’s rate of metabolism and keeps it raised long after the activity is completed. This is because your body … Continue reading

August 2013 Challenge DAY5

Exercise Routine (rest 30 secs after every set) Burpees 15reps 4sets Moutan Climbing 15reps 4sets High Knees Running In Place 30secs Do 5x Skipping 200 Lunges 10reps 3sets TUMMY (after you are done with your tummy workout you would have done about 100 abdominal exercises) – V CRUNCH 10REPS 3SETS – BICYCLE CRUNCH 10REPS 3SETS – … Continue reading

August 2013 Challenge DAY3

  August Challenge Day3 Today we would be spending about 40mins today in today’s workout 5mins warm up 25mins jogging or brisk walking 10mins Tummy Workout (do any 4 in this illustration below at least 25reps each) 5mins Stretch –  DIET ROUTINE 30mins Before morning workout: Each 1banana and drink a cup of water 30mins … Continue reading