Produce That Can Help You Look Young and Beautiful

1. Avocados for a Healthy Glow
Avocados are an age-old beauty secret that that will help you get that healthy glow, whether you eat them or use them as a spa mask on your face. Due to the avocado’s high levels of essential fatty acids that are naturally found in skin cells, they can help you keep your skin smooth and supple. And the sterolins in avocados can help reduce the appearance of age spots and sun damage. For some spa treatment at home, try mixing avocado with sour cream (which contains lactic acid to help exfoliate dead skin) and apply to your face for about 10 minutes before washing it off with water.

2. Brussels Sprouts to Burn Fat
Most people make a face when you mention Brussels sprouts, but you may want to give them another try. A 2011 animal study out of Taiwan, investigated the effects of indole-3-carbinol (I3C), found in cruciferous vegetables like brussels sprouts and broccoli, on obesity. The study found that the animals (obese mice on a high-fat diet) treated with indole-3-carbinol showed decreased body weight and fat accumulation and also improved glucose tolerance. Indole-3-carbinol increases production of a hormone called adiponectin, which tells your body to burn stored fat for fuel. So you can think of brussels sprouts as little green fat-burning machines!

3. Bell Peppers for Even Toned Skin
Bell peppers, also known as sweet peppers, have more vitamin C than oranges — nearly 5 and a half times more (341 mg vs 63). Vitamin C is required for collagen production, which gives skin its elasticity and strength. It also helps smooth and firm skin and fade dark spots and gets rid of the free radicals that can age skin. Be warned that bell peppers are listed on the list of foods to ALWAYS buy organic (even if you’re on a budget) due to their high pesticide residue, so try to buy organic when possible.

4. Beets to Detox
Beets contain anthocyanins which help decrease the formation of wrinkles and inhibit hyperpigmentation. Beets reduce dull skin by stimulating the lymphatic system and removing waste from our cells. Beets can also brighten your glow because they increase the oxygen-carrying ability in the blood, which adds brightness to the skin. There may even be some evidence that they can reduce the appearance of cellulite by strengthening the dermal skin layer.

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