October Challenge Day1 (obliques and arms day)

Warm 4mins:

High Knees 1min

High Leg Raise 1min

Jog on spot 1min

Alternating Standing toe to toe touch 1min



Cardio Jump Rope: 5min (Every min get at least 50skips done and rest for 30 secs do this till you finish the 5mins)

Burpees: 5mins (Ensure you do about 15 or 20 reps on each rest about 1min then you finish)

Jumping Jack 5mins(Ensure you get 30 done in 1min rest for 30secs) When doing this carry about 2kg weight

Side shuffle 5mins  (run side to side touching the floor when you reach each side, assume a squat position and then shuffle counting 5 to the left touch the floor bending to the side and then shuffle back counting 5 to the next side, do this for 1min at ur pace but not too slow for 1min and then rest for 30sec) as you shuffle carry 2kg weight


Lateral Arm Raise 12reps 3sets

Push ups 12reps 3sets


The video here entails Quadruped Hip Extensions

She did 15reps of each exercise, you notice she did 3moves.

Just do one all of it 1set



jumping jacks

jumping jacks

Push Up

Push Up


High Leg Raise

High Leg Raise

Alternating Standing toe to toe touch

Alternating Standing toe to toe touch

High Knees

High Knees


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