Hi ladies ok today is going to be challenging.

Instead of counting we would be working on timing our selfs.

Then i need you to get a pen and paper and write how many you can go per workout in a minute, for instance when you skip write how many on every minute how man skips you did. Then email me with this report.

Skips 1min 10sets (rest for 30secs when done with the first min and dont sit down oh :p)

Punches 30sec 10sets

Burpees 30secs 3sets (rest for 1 min after each set)

Jumping Jacks 1min 5sets (rest for 30secs after each set)

Deep Squat with side to side oblique crunch 30secs 3sets (rest for 30secs after each set)


Cruches 25reps

Side Lying Leg Raise 25reps on each side

Standing Leg raise 25reps

bicycle crunch  25reps


High Leg Raise

StandingLeg Raise



Side Lying Leg Raise

Side Lying Leg Raise

Sump Oblique Crunches

Sump Oblique Crunches

Back Bow

Back Bow

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