August 2013 Challenge DAY 14

Workout Details


Jump rope workouts are often vastly underestimated. Just because kids play with them doesn’t make them a frilly little toy – these inexpensive, easy-to-pack pieces of workout equipment are powerhouses when it comes to fat blasting cardio workouts. They’re also incredible for building speed, coordination, and agility. Some of the most talented athletes out there use this simple cardio tool as a staple in their training programs.

This jumping rope workout is definitely no exception. As if cardio intervals of it weren’t enough, we’ve added in rounds of challenging total body exercises as well. Plus, your only rest periods come in the form of the boxer shuffle, or any other kind of very light recovery cardio. As always, if you think that this is too easy, you’re more than welcome to step up the intensity by turning that light active rest into a full blown bout of high knees or even burpees. Or, you can always jump faster, or pick a more difficult jumping style. If you don’t think this is challenging, you need to push yourself harder – to just sit back and say that it’s too easy is lazy.

Workout Structure
– Four different groups

Group Structure
– 40 Seconds Jump Rope
– 20 Seconds Active Rest/Recovery Cardio
– 40 Seconds Bodyweight Exercise
– 20 Seconds Active Rest

Repeat each group twice before moving onto the next.

There is no warm up or cool down included in this routine, so make sure to pick one of each from our videos.

No jump rope? No problem.
Jump ropes are incredibly inexpensive and we’d say worth the typically less than ten dollar investment, however, if you don’t want to buy one or don’t have one handy, don’t think that means that you have an excuse not to try this routine. You can always use a phantom one, moving your arms in the same fashion, timing your jumps so that if there actually was one there, you’d be jumping over it. Even if it makes you feel or look goofy, so what? That’s one of the best parts about working out at home; who cares!

Styles of jumping rope/mixing it up
Daniel uses just one style throughout all of the intervals in this routine. Feel free to mix it up and use any method that challenges you; single leg, double jumps, jogs, skipping, kicking, whatever works  – we’re not picky, just as long as you keep moving the whole time.



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