5 Myths about Weight Loss

Myth 1: Can some people eat whatever they want and still lose weight? In order to lose weight, people need to burn more calories than they actually eat or drink. Some people may seem that they eat everything unhealthy and tasty and still lose weight. However, this is not completely true. Those people just use more energy than they consume.


Myth 2: Are fast foods are unhealthy, especially on a diet plan? Yes, fast food meals may sound appealing and delicious, but they are very fattening and bad for peoples’ health. These foods contain more unhealthy fat and many calories. In fact, fast food is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic.


Myth 3: Does sex burn calories? The answer is yes. Sex can be a great workout for everyone. About thirty minutes of sex can burn 90 calories or even more.


Myth 4: Does skipping a meal mean losing weight? Surprisingly or not, skipping meals may make people feel hungrier. They eat even more since they do not give their bodies enough energy to function properly.


Myth 5: Can people lose weight by keeping a vegetarian diet plan? In fact, by following a vegetarian eating plan, people eat less calories and fat than non-vegetarians. The vegan lifestyle offers many advantages over a meat-based diet. Moreover, this diet improves digestion, minimizes the risk of diabetes, and lowers the risk of lung and colorectal cancer.


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