10 Outfits You Can Rock To Church

Hi ladies,

missed you guys.

Wanna look fly on sunday, checkout these carefully selected combos i picks you can rock.


947058_505414322845681_512759928_n 934092_10151544348703521_1836250035_n 970076_504261046294342_882378514_n 944747_503507376369709_903921227_n 941240_10151540289403521_635254165_n 943640_10151537282753521_1299162370_n 947236_10151537283108521_1278123535_n Pink-Winter-2013-Outfits-for-Women-by-Stylish-Eve_11 Skirt-Outfits-by-Stylish-Eve_09 Skirt-Outfits-by-Stylish-Eve_16

3 Responses to “10 Outfits You Can Rock To Church”
  1. 2ssimington says:

    Are you a stylist? Really? I liked every one of those outfits, and the colors. Yes, I really liked those!

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