In my crazyhead!


So away from all d fashion and clingy dresses…its digress time…its a wetty weather here now in lagos and i know(albeit being single)its the best time for cuddles,mushy talks and indoor activites..but for me its more coffee time.i know alot of the married ones are holding strong and keenly onto their single ladies do not want them(although we wish we could sometimes/we steal it atimes),.

The men see it as a period to call up their mistress and galfriends  for a good time indoors,some moguls see it as a period less work can be done so its time to sit back and enjoy the weather..Anyways i am happy when am adorned in something fashionable,i get the urge(to have SEX) but hey its sorted with coffee or me binging,the guys out there now got shaky brains.,all they want is some good lay while their galfriends are on some course abroad or tucked away at work somewhere,the single gals now are so quick to give in(well quite few do)for money or pleasure…its gotten weirder my darlyns..but i knw i nd some soul sisters arent down for left overs (married men)so if you married ones(gals/ladies/women) think we are…calm down not all of us are interested,infact i feel we are the ones that need to be protected from your men and its all your fault,you get married and start looking unattractive cause you got the man now or cause your having kids.hell no,hit the gym afterwards,get in tune with the latest trends,add more meals,be a sport (allow him fridays with the guys),send the kids to granny and take him out and give him a treat he would never forget,but most importantly love his flaws more that way you love him more.

Single women lets take our coffe,meet up with our spa treatments,*love dates*,new gifts from admirers but lets always remember *EYES ON THE MARK*meaning we should while prepping never forget we need these necessary devils called men,it mite be a tad bit frustrating but hey its only a name change,kids,new responsibilites..(like thats nothing major)lol……

signing out with my cofee n plenty cream in hand i say

My love is too beautiful to have it not appreciated


One Response to “In my crazyhead!”
  1. Cecille says:

    Lol! Spanking sassy article

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